How To Do Family Devotion?

A Step-by-Step Guide

Many parents find the Christian parenting journey challenging. Trying to be a role model while deepening our own relationship with God can be difficult. But one of the ways to do so is spend time with God together as a family.  

Doing devotion together will enable parents and children to have intentional conversations about God and His Word. Faith is built through these interactions and parents can better understand their children’s spiritual condition and well-being.

Here are some guidelines
to help you start your family devotion

Is there a standard structure or flow for family devotion I can follow?

Every family is different and what works for one family may not work for another. Here’s a suggested structure for facilitating family devotion. Do adapt according to your family dynamics and needs:

  1. Begin the time with prayer (see samples here)  
  2. Sing a few praise songs
  3. Read the chosen Scripture passage
  4. Read the devotion aloud
  5. Reflection as a family:
  • Share how the Scripture reading or devotional speaks to you, and how you’d apply it to your life.  
  • Ask every family member open-ended questions. Get their views on the Bible verse or article so that you can better understand them, and have conversations about their spiritual, emotional and intellectual convictions.
  • Invite family members to share their questions on biblical truths. Use the opportunity to find out what they want to know more about and learn together as a family.  
  1. Ask for prayer requests and pray for each other. 
  2. Close the time with prayer (see samples here)  
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