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Week 71 Bible Reading: Psalm 33:6–15

It's Not About Us

[God] breathed the word, and all the stars were born. - Psalm 33:6

If you lived five hundred years ago, you probably would have believed that Earth was the center of the universe, as most everyone else did. Crazy, right?

We now know that Earth orbits the sun, and the sun is ordinary. It’s just one of one hundred thousand million stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Sometimes, though, we still act as if we are the center of the universe. We believe everything is about us.

But when we think about the stars, we wake up to the fact it’s not.

The Bible tells us God spoke, and the stars were born. He even named each of the stars in our Milky Way, not to mention naming each of the stars in the two trillion other galaxies spread across the universe. Wow.

Knowing we live on a tiny planet, circling an ordinary star, in just one of two trillion galaxies helps us understand it’s not all about us. In fact, that’s very good news because it just so happens that the Creator who holds that entire universe together also loves us.

What about our galaxy fascinates you—a favorite star or constellation?
Jesus, I’m amazed by the universe You created, with its two trillion galaxies! I can’t wrap my mind around the size of our universe. And that’s OK, because You’re holding it all together, not me.
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