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Week 90 Bible Reading: Job 41:1–11

Giants of the Deep

God created the large sea animals. He created every living thing that moves in the sea. - Genesis 1:21 ICB

The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived. Some are one hundred feet long and can weigh over 175 tons (by comparison, a Jeep Wrangler weighs two tons). The biggest blue whale ever measured had a heart the size of a Volkswagen Beetle!

In Genesis we are told, “God created the large sea animals. He created every living thing that moves in the sea” (1:21 ICB).

Do you know the story of Job at all? He had lost everything and was very depressed. He couldn’t figure out what God was doing. So God did something unusual. He showed Job how great He was as the creator by pointing out some of the amazing things He had created.

He said to Job, “Can you catch Leviathan on a fishhook? . . . There is no hope of defeating him. Just seeing him overwhelms people. . . . Everything under heaven belongs to me” (Job 41:1, 9–11 ICB).

God uses the Leviathan, which many think refers to the whale, and all the giants of the deep to remind us of how awesome our creator is (Romans 1:20). The One who made creatures that cannot be controlled is himself beyond our control and understanding.

The blue whale should make us be in awe of our Creator. All of God’s creation points to how great and mighty He is.

Fun Fact

The blue whale population in the world today is about 20,000. At one time, there were approximately 350,000 of those huge mammals swimming the oceans. The blue whale is considered an endangered species.

Just You and God

“Lord, the blue whale is cool. My favorite animal is the_____. I think it’s cool that you made so many different kinds of animals for us to enjoy.”
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