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Week 9 Bible Reading: Luke 15:1-7

T-Ball Faith

The joy of the Lord is your strength. - Nehemiah 8:10

T-ball is a great version of baseball. It gives everyone the fun and joy of baseball before having to suffer the disappointment of striking out.

You’ve probably played T-ball, but in case you haven’t, here is how it works. A baseball is placed on a rubber tee about waist-high to five- and six-year-old batters. Players swing until they hit the ball, and then they run.

Here is how one coach described what happened on his first night as a coach. The first batter hit the ball far into the outfield. Suddenly every player from every position ran to get the ball instead of staying where they were supposed to. When one of them reached it, there was nobody left in the infield for him to throw it to! All the players stood together—cheering excitedly!

Cheering is good! For instance, if you have recently come to know Jesus as Savior, a lot of people cheered for you. People were excited, and so were the angels in heaven! (It says so in Luke 15:7.) When you first meet Jesus, you are in love with God and excited about being in His family.

It’s good to be excited about being a Christian! Your friends might see how happy you are and want to join you.

Fun Fact

When George W. Bush was the president of the United States (2001–2009), he hosted T-ball games on the South Lawn of the White House. At one time, Bush was a part owner of the Texas Rangers in Major League Baseball.

Just You and God

I think it’s really cool to be a Christian. It’s pretty neat that angels get excited about new Christians. Thanks for saving me.
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