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Week 81 Bible Reading: Psalm 19:1–7

We Know What Will Happen

“This is what the Lord says: ‘If I had not made my agreement with day and night, and if I had not made the laws for the sky and earth, only then might I turn away from Jacob’s descendants.’” - Jeremiah 33:25–26 ICB

Do you like to plan ahead? Like when your teacher says you have to read a book, do you make a chart to help keep track of how you are doing?

If so, grab a calendar for 2052 (actually, you can print one off the Internet) and circle November 18 of that year. That’s the day (or night) when Venus, Jupiter, and the moon will all seem to “gather” in one tiny area of the sky. They will be so close in the night sky that it’ll seem like they are one big light. That amazing combo last happened on December 1, 2008.

The fact that we can know when that will happen again proves that God has organized how things work. For instance, there is a comet called Halley’s, and we know it will come close to Earth again on July 28, 2061. If there was no set of laws to control the movement of things in the sky, we could not say such things.

Can we see God’s hand in all of this? Look at Jeremiah 33:25–26. God uses a scientific fact to prove a point. God suggests that His fixed universal laws, “the laws for the sky and earth,” (v. 25 ICB) have the same certainty as His promises to His people.

So mark your calendar, and be amazed by God’s unchanging control.

Fun Fact

Halley’s Comet swept past earth in 1986. Think about how old you will be when it returns on July 28, 2061.

Just You and God

“Thank you for the amazing things we can see in our world. It’s pretty cool that you organized everything so well and gave us just the right place to live in our solar system.”
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