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Week 68 Bible Reading: Leviticus 19:9–15

Buried Treasure

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. - Psalm 119:18

Kids who grow up in rural Oklahoma where American outlaw Jesse James (1847–1882) lived are often convinced that old JJ buried some treasure nearby. One group of kids wandered the woods in hopes of digging it up. Often they would run into an elderly man chopping firewood. They watched this mysterious man trudge the highways looking for soda cans—his kind of treasure. Redeeming the cans for cash, he’d retire to his run-down, unpainted shack with a bottle in a brown paper bag. After his death, his family found bundles of money stashed away in his ramshackle home.

This man ignored his own treasure! But we do too sometimes. Did you know there is buried treasure in the book of Leviticus? In seven verses in chapter 19, God teaches us a bunch of stuff: How to help the poor and disabled the right way (vv. 9–10, 14), how to run a business without cheating (vv. 11, 13, 15), and how to respect God in our daily life (v. 12).

Looking for treasure? Dig into the Bible!

Fun Fact

The Travel Channel, the History Channel, and a TV movie all have tried to show the hunt for Jesse James’s treasure. No one knows if it is real.

Just You and God

“Dear Lord, thank you for writing the Bible. Some of it is really hard to understand, but I’m trying to read it and learn more about how to live.”

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