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Week 3 Bible Reading: Job 12:7-13

The Variety of Creation

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.
- Job 12:10

Think about the amazing features God placed in the animals He created. Job wrote about several of them, including the ostrich. Despite its apparent lack of good sense and its odd parenting skills, its chicks survive (39:13–16). And despite its membership in the bird family, it can’t fly—but it can outrun a horse (v. 18).

Another remarkable creature is the bombardier beetle. This African insect shoots two common materials, hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone, from twin storage tanks in its back, blinding its attackers. A special nozzle inside the beetle mixes the chemicals, enabling it to bombard its foe at amazing speeds! The little guy can rotate his “cannon” to fire in any direction.

How can this be? How is it that a rather dull-witted ostrich survives although it’s not very good at caring for its young while the bombardier beetle needs a complicated chemical reaction to make sure it survives? It’s because God’s creative abilities have no limits. “At his command they were created,” the psalmist tells us (148:5). God’s creative work is clear for everyone to see.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the wood frog actually freezes solid in the winter? Some important body parts are protected by a natural anti-freeze chemical. The rest? Solid as a rock all winter! Spring comes, it thaws out, and all is well.

Just You and God

Lord, I keep hearing people tell me that you didn’t create these things. They say it all evolved. Help me to keep believing in you.

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