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Week 18 Bible Reading: Matthew 16:24-28

Pistol Pete's Search

It is worth nothing for a man to have the whole world if he loses his soul. - Matthew 16:26 ICB

Pistol Pete Maravich was one of basketball’s all-time great players. While at LSU, Maravich averaged 44.2 points per game—the highest average in NCAA history. Then during his NBA career, he became one of the top fifty players in league history.

Yet this incredible basket- ball player was not happy.

Pete wrote in his journal: “I pray that before I’m through with this entire life of mine, I will be happy, peaceful, and my mind at ease about life and God. How can I be unhappy? It is very simple. There are millions of people who have not found a deep sense of purpose and meaning. I am one of them. . . . With all the trophies, awards, money, and fame; I am not at peace with myself.”

Five years after Maravich wrote those words, he found the peace he wanted—peace that came when he cried out to God pleading for forgiveness, saying, “Jesus, I know you’re real. . . . I’ve got nowhere to go. If you don’t save me, I won’t last two more days.”

At that moment, Pete’s life changed forever. “When I took God into my heart, it was the first true happiness I ever had.”

The Lord gave Maravich peace through faith in Jesus. Have you asked Jesus to do the same for you?

Fun Fact

In an NBA game in 1977, Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz scored 68 points against the New York Knicks. It has been estimated that if the three-point rule had been in effect, Maravich would have scored 80 points.

Just You and God

I don’t know much about this Pistol Pete guy, Lord, but I’m glad you saved him and saved me!
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